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That's me on the right. The other guy is Tim Ferriss.

Meet Mike Holp.

I'm a digital nomad, photographer, entrepreneur, and business consultant currently based in Chiang Mai.

I've been living and working remotely from Thailand since the beginning of this pandemic. It all started with a one-way ticket to Bali Indonesia and the rest is history.

It's my goal to start training other aspiring digital nomads to escape the office, build an online business, work from anywhere, and enjoy a freedom lifestyle!

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Become a successful digital nomad 💻

Learn how to escape the 9-5 grind, build a profitable online business, adapt to the remote work lifestyle, and live anywhere in the world! After taking this course you will have the tools, proven strategies, and renewed sense of confidence to travel the world while making money online working from your laptop on a beautiful beach in Southeast Asia.

What Will I Learn in the Digital Nomad Masterclass?

  • Advantages of the Digital Nomad Lifestyle
  • Generate Passive Income With Airbnb
  • How To Stay at Luxury Hotels For Free
  • Monetize Your Skills & Make Money Online
  • Grow Your Network & Find Remote Jobs on LinkedIn
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A Few Testimonials From Clients


"Mike is dedicated to helping people achieve their goals. I enjoyed studying one of his courses as it was well delivered and packed with great tips. I recommend Mike and I look forward to working with him in the future."

- Sandra (Netherlands)

"Mike is a great consultant when it comes to Digital Nomad & Remote Work. His courses are valuable with outstanding customer support. I highly recommend working with Mike!

- Yousef (Cairo, Egypt)

"It is a pleasure connecting with Mike Holp. He's a great consultant and definitely helped me increase my LinkedIn presence. I highly recommend him and I know you will be pleased during your first interaction."

- Yvette (Los Angeles)

A Few More Positive Reviews

"If you are looking for a remote work consultant, call Mike first. More knowledge and experienced than most. He played a significant role in guiding me on how to be an effective remote worker."

- Muhammad Butt (Pakistan)

"This course is a gold mine for people who are new to LinkedIn or aren't that familiar with the platform. Mike covered every step in detail about how one can setup and grow his/her LinkedIn profile."

- Shrutika Joshi (Bhopal, India)

"Mike's title of 'Digital Wizard' is no exaggeration! A young man bought up in the digital age, Mike knows how to navigate the landscape! I am consistently and pleasantly surprised by the depth and wisdom of his knowledge. Don't be fooled by his young look; he has the wisdom of the digital age! I would highly recommend Mike to anyone looking to step up their digital game or wanting to make the transition. You really can't go wrong!"

- Robert Sieger (Chicago, IL)

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